Break Free from Your Inner Mean Girl
Overcome your struggle with self-love and acceptance so you can awaken your inner badass, take back your personal power and feel fabulous in body, mind and spirit  


  • Feeling like you’re stuck, knowing you were meant for more in this life
  • Lacking self-confidence and suffering from constant negative self-talk that destroys your psyche
  • Hating what you see in the mirror and feeling crippled by low self-esteem
  • Projecting to the outside world that you have your shit together, but you feel like you’re literally crumbling from the inside out
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others and longing to find the elusive happiness factor that everyone else seems to magically find
  • Putting yourself and your needs on hold for everything and everyone else
  • Feeling unhappy in every aspect of your life for as long as you can remember—career, relationships and with yourself
  • Feeling unworthy of self-love, or love from others, and the resulting toxic relationship cycles that ensue as a result

I get you girl because I was you.

I was able to break free and you can too! I climbed that mountain alone and with little support, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You don’t need to take your self-love journey alone. I want to help you get there faster with the support, accountability partners and tools you need to kickstart your personal journey and to finally have a life filled with the self-love and acceptance you want, dream of and deserve—in body, mind and spirit.

The 12-Week Path to Self-Love: Say Goodbye to your Inner Mean Girl is a combination of a self-paced and interactive online group coaching program designed to help you break free from the chains that bind you to your inner mean girl—you know the one I’m talking about! 

The program is designed to help you overcome your struggle with self-love and acceptance so you can take your personal power back, awaken your inner badass, boost self-confidence and feel fabulous in body, mind and spirit.


  • Shifted your mindset and beliefs so you can unlock your true potential and live the life of your dreams
  • Woke up each and every day feeling fabulous in body, mind and spirit and with the excitement to take action on the beautiful things you have planned
  • Gained energy, motivation and clarity using proven techniques to tackle your goals and dreams
  • Experienced a beautiful and sustainable loving relationship with yourself and others
  • Created loving boundaries and knew when to say yes and when to say no while maintaining a healthy balance in your life to avoid burnout and prioritize what matters most
  • Tap into your new found courage to rid your life of toxic relationship cycles and the things that no longer serve you
  • Raised your vibration and started manifesting your passions and desires—those ones that always seem to be out of reach?
  • Began cultivating deep self-love and acceptance to increase self-confidence, self-esteem and feelings of self-worth?
  • Became an inspiration to and for others as you radiate your renewed sense of self, leaving them feverishly asking what your secret is?
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love it

Your relationships will get better

When you take yourself seriously and create strong, loving boundaries and place focus on you, others will follow suit.

Your courage muscle will develop

When you begin to unlock the door to your self-esteem and it begins to grow, so will your courage muscle. You’ll have an “I can take on the world” view.

Your health will improve

When you develop an awareness and understanding of what your needs are—and take action on them!—you’ll see dramatic improvements in your physical, emotional and mental health.

Your productivity will skyrocket

When your self-confidence improves and you begin to know the WHY behind what you’re doing, your productivity will explode.

Your personal power will come back

When you take control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and stop focusing on external validation to define you, you’ll stop hiding from the world. Your personal power will fire up and you’ll start loving, accepting, valuing and appreciating yourself.

Your passion for life will be renewed

When you feel invigorated with yourself and in your life, you will wake up each day looking forward to what it has to offer. You’ll stop living and dreading the endless cycle of feeling trapped in time.

You'll Receive:

Weekly recorded self-paced learning sessions with lifetime access
Group coaching in a safe, judgment free environment
Worksheets and resources for each weekly module
Access to my Facebook Community to connect with my experts and other women for support and to build each other up
Live 'Ask Me Anything' expert interviews, recordings included in case you miss one
365-Day Habit Change Journal to create your big, amazing life!
Live guided self-love meditations, recordings included in case you miss one
Uplifting affirmation cards and printables to inspire and help you along your journey
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What People Are Saying...
“Doing your life coaching this summer really shifted my mindset and made me mentally at the point to want to keep going and changing my lifestyle. I still go back and look at things we spoke about and recently started reading some of your blog posts! LOVE LOVE LOVE!”
Nisha Jeyathas
“Brandi is a very kind soul. She was always attentive and compassionate with my feelings or what I was going through. She always had a suggestion or a practice that could help ease any anxiety or stresses I may have been feeling.”
Diane Aquilina


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Brandi is a certified health, wellness and life coach, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant and reiki energy healer. She works with women who struggle with self-love and acceptance. She helps them become mentally and spiritually healthy from the inside out by empowering them to awaken their inner badass and take their personal power back. Brandi provides them with the tools and habit change methodology needed to boost self-confidence and feel fabulous in body, mind and spirit. Her goal is to elevate one’s sense of self and well-being to transform their life. Everything she does is with the intention to help and serve women to become the best version of themselves by creating powerful programs and providing the real-world tools needed for them to unlock their true potential.
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