FREE 5-Day Challenge
Heart Your Body
Do you want to learn how to finally embrace and be at peace with your unique body (all while quieting that inner mean girl!) — so you can step into greater self-confidence and finally feel good about yourself, just as you are?
After completing this 5-day challenge, you’ll kickstart your path to body acceptance and gain clarity on how to...
  • Declare your own authentic beauty and move away from distorted societal myths about health, weight, and identity
  • ​Develop a practice of self-love and engage in self-compassion, forgiveness, and humor as you kick self-criticism to the curb
  • Set health-related fitness goals instead of size related fitness goals
  • Eliminate fear, which comes from shame-based thoughts and replace it with gratitude toward your body for all the miraculous things it DOES for YOU
  • Live the life you want (and deserve!) right now
Brandi is a certified health, wellness and life coach, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant, and reiki energy healer. She empowers women who struggle with self-love and acceptance to take their personal power back, awaken their inner badass, boost self-confidence and feel fabulous in body, mind and spirit.
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