Body Scan & Gratitude Meditation
A  stop the negative self-talk strategy
This body scan meditation mixed with a gratitude meditation is an excellent way to promote a harmonious mind-body connection. You'll learn how to release tension throughout your body and give yourself a confidence and energy boost, any time of day.
This meditation practice will help you:
  • ​Mindfully note what is present and happening in your body and any tension you're experiencing in a conscious way 
  • ​Sooth and restore your body through an invitation to witness your body with openness, tenderness and curiosity any time of day in just minutes
  • ​Tune into yourself in a more intimate way, strengthening your mind-body connection and insight into how you're doing
  • ​Take a kinder, more self-compassionate approach with yourself by eliminating self-judgment, shame and fear so you can negative thoughts 
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